Styles For Interior Decor

Styles For Interior Decor

Elegance is probably the matter of personal taste and elegance. It is a style of decor that uses formal architecture. It is mixed with furniture that is traditional like antiques. There are also other styles like modern, oriental and  artisanat marocain eclectic. Old style decoration has attracted a lot of people for years. It portrayed romantic and grandiosity. The furniture can something be pricey but it is fascinating. There are different kinds of old decor. One is the baroque that characterized by dramatic ornaments and carvings. The more elaborate the design, the best it is. The empire design is delicate and elaborate. Old English uses wood furniture with carvings.

There are those leaning on modern decoration. This is style is quite heavy. People love lighter construction and space. Modern means simple and less elaborate. There are some that are chic and elegant. Biedermeier Style is inspired by utilitarian purpose with clean lines and maximized functionality. Hard edge style is filled with geometric design and construction. Straight and colors are blended well. High tech styles are made from glass and steel. Minimalist is considered as modern. It is influenced by Japanese culture.

Oriental decor are considered exotic. The element of style is negative space. It celebrates imperfection as something that is unique. The west has been inspired by Chinese and Japanese. Chinese inspired decor are zen inspired. They are made from wood, bronze and paper. Small Buddha statues are common. Japanese include functional tables, mats and flooring.

Eclectic decoration is a combination of several styles and designs. Most of are homes are under this style of decoration. There are trick to make this elegant. Take note that you don’t want your home to look like a museum. There are pieces that can be considered as an accent. You can have a minimalist decor on your den and oriental decor in your dining room. You will be surprised with the result.

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