Promoting Literacy in School Libraries in Sierra Leone

The Albert Academy was initiated on the fourth nursery admission1904. It was until 1975 when the Albert Academy Alumni Association in their gathering thought it shrewd that a particularly respectable organization should not abandon a library as the advancement of school libraries was at its most noteworthy top around then. A plan to raise a library building was brought into the world with the coordinated effort of the graduated class affiliation and the proprietors of the school that is the United Methodist Church. The library was set up fully intent on having where understudies could proceed to investigate novel plans to additionally reinforce their school educational program exercises and recreation also.

The library was authoritatively opened to the whole school local area by His Excellency the late Dr. Siaka P. Stevens on fourth October 1976, then, at that point President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and furthermore an individual from the Albert Academy Alumni Association class of 1922. The library was named after him following the tremendous commitment he made towards building up the library for the school local area. The Albert Academy Library has a mission to “Backing school educational program exercises by giving materials of pertinence in the school cycle and to present better than ever data sources to assist with making the school to be in accordance with current principles of instruction.”

The targets of the Albert Academy school library are as per the following:

I. To furnish students with library materials and administrations generally fitting and generally significant in their development and advancement;

ii. To partake completely in school programs as it strikes to address the issues of students, educators, guardians and others local area individuals;

iii. to animate and direct students in all periods of their perusing that they might discover expanding happiness and fulfillment and may fill in basic judgment and appreciation;

iv. To make accessible new turn of events and keep understudies side by side of present day patterns in schooling perceive peruser’s necessities and keeping them all around educated to establish a well unique instructive climate;

v. To work with the educator in the determination and creation of instructive materials that meet the points of the educational program, offer direction in the utilization of assortment, assessment of training projects and materials, works with the area, association and support of materials productively; and

vi. To assist students with becoming gifted clients of libraries and of printed and general media materials.

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