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Boston Dynamics

We have all seen the robot in the form of a dog, acting like a real creature, on the Internet and on social media. There’s also a humanoid robot that does somersaults, pushes, pokes, doesn’t ask me if it’s okay, it moves towards its goal. The company that developed these robots is an American company called Boston Dynamics. So what features does this company have? What has technology added to the world? Let’s see what this Boston Dynamics is .

Founded in 1992, the company started out with the aim of specializing in software and robots. Although they have produced various robots since the year it was founded, the two most well-known robots are SpotMini and Atlas. The company, which expects durability and high functionality in its robots, came to the fore with extremely harsh tests on its robots in the tests it published on the internet, and even many people reacted to robots because they treated them badly. Contrary to what is known, the dog-like robot named BigDog, which they produced about 20 years ago, is a very successful production in the military sense. After the company was acquired by Google in 2013, it accelerated its work even more.


If a madman puts a project in his head and sets off, no one will take him seriously first. If he walks relentlessly in that process, he becomes a giant. Elon Musk is just such a crazy person. An idea came to his mind and he pursued that idea with such passion that he established the spaceX company, which produces the best electric cars in the world today, bringing a whole new perspective to space technologies. He became a person who brought the banking and finance sectors to very different points with PayPal.

Today, Tesla is ready for fully autonomous driving, one hundred percent electric and one of the most preferred brands. The artificial intelligence in Tesla vehicles is an environmentally aware car by recognizing the pedestrians, cyclists and animals on the roadside one by one and keeping itself ready for their possible movements. Tesla vehicles are ready to react to sudden traffic changes on the road you are on, even before you reach that point, thanks to continuous internet connections with each other and the center. For example, you are going to go from one location to another and you selected it from the navigation. A Tesla passing that spot before youIf the road has been damaged, it notifies the center and your vehicle’s speed and shock absorbers are changed according to the road while you pass that road. At the same time, thanks to the connection established with the smart phone and compatible smart home technologies, you can track the information about your vehicle from your phone and manage the devices in your home from your vehicle.


An organization that has succeeded in rewriting people’s television culture. The company, which started out with DVD sales and rental business by mail in 1997, has established a website that allows watching movies on the internet by stopping DVD sales since 2007, with the increase in internet usage and the development of technologies that allow watching videos over the internet. The company, which opened to Canada in 2010, published its own series House Of Cards in 2013. The company, which has also taken a hand in the cinema industry, has declared war on many producers in order to change the classical cinema culture. Netflix in 2019While it was being discussed around the world whether his productions could be included in the Oscar award ceremonies; he experienced the pride of giving everyone a new viewing habit. He proved to everyone that for a world where technology develops with instant innovations, classical method production will not work and this innovation is necessary. Companies such as Disney and Apple have also established their own broadcasting and production companies and accepted that this market is a new market that is in serious demand.


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