Best Foundation For Oily Acne Prone Skin – And Did I Mention Cheap Too?

Best Foundation For Oily Acne Prone Skin – And Did I Mention Cheap Too?

It ran in my family that we have oily skin, so it’s a genetic thing and I cannot do much to change it. I have tried a lot of methods to make my skin less shiny, from the home remedies like using apple cider as a toner to medical method like taking birth control pills. Those methods did make my skin look a bit less oily and shiny but the excess oil was still there and it always gave me a dirty feeling and I Best Straighteners for Curly Hair felt very unconfident sometimes. My skin was also very prone to acne and even though I tried a lot of over-the-counter products, my skin only improved for a short period of time and then those red and inflamed spots appeared again like mushrooms. That’s why I have been very careful with choosing makeup, especially foundations. I always buy those that claim to be “oil free” and normally opt for medium to full coverage. I did find some good foundations which do not break me out and provide a medium and pleasant coverage. As I am saving up for going back to university again, I cannot afford all the expensive and high-end brands like Estee Launder, Shiseido, Lancome so I only go for over-the-counter or medium priced products. Below are the list of the best foundations for oily acne prone skin to me:

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation: Don’t be fooled by the word “light” in the name, it’s actually a medium coverage foundation. This Bourjois foundation in fact covers all of my blemishes. I have mild acne with some tiny red spots on my forehead (the most oily place) and this foundation covers up everything! I don’t even have to use any concealer! Many people claim that this foundation is oily and can only be used on dry skin girls. I totally disagree. It feels nicely on my skin and is very easy to apply and even though my skin looks a bit shiny after around 5 hours, it is still great compared to many other high-end products. I cannot find it in any local store so normally I search and buy it off from eBay or from Strawberrynet.

Everyday Minerals: this is my second holy grail! This is a mineral powder foundation and I normally buy it through their official website. The price is a lot cheaper compared to Bare Minerals. I used before and the coverage is a lot better too. It has never broken me out and always gives me a velvet and smooth finished coverage. I look like I don’t wear any makeup at all using this foundation. However with this foundation, I still have to use some concealer on any bigger and noticeable spot.

Bourjois 10-hours sleep foundation: I love this foundation. I always use it when I don’t need to look flawless. This is more of a tinted moisturizer but still provides quite good coverage. It is very liquid like and easy to spread. However, I don’t recommend it if you live in a very hot and humid area as it can make you look a bit oily after some hours. To make up for that, it gives a very natural coverage and never breaks me out! I normally don’t use any moisturizer, except when the weather is really dry. I don’t use primers also as I had bad experience with it (most of them broke me out). I usually only wear these foundations alone, and settle with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (I love this pressed powder so much, it doesn’t break me out, controls the oil extremely well and at $5, it’s a steal!).

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